Entrée Pricing

When ordering multiple entrées we reduce the serving size (and the price) since some of your guests will have one or the other, while some have a little of both.

Order 2 entrées and get 25% off both.
Order 3 entrées and get 33% off all three.
Minimum of 10 of any item.

Staff, Delivery & Pickup

Service Staff - Attired in formal, denim or polo shirts the staff sets up the buffet and keeps it full, works the grill, and cleans up. One server is needed for every 30 guests. On-site grilling requires one grill chef per 75 guests. There is a 4 hour minimum; including travel time; no additional travel charges. An additional benefit of staff is serving pieces provided at no additional charge. 

Delivery / Pickup - In store pick up is, of course, free. Delivery charges typically range from $20 to $90, based entirely on travel time.