Event Rentals

China, flatware, and glassware, Oh my! Our Event Planning Center has samples of so many styles and colors. Both our own special display pieces, and samples from our rental companies. We have a great working relationship with Heirloom Events and Encore Event Rentals. With their support we can provide almost any rental piece your event may need.

We will make all the arrangements, and take care of it all, from plates and glassware, to tents, umbrellas, and dance floors, and even on-site ovens and stoves if they are needed. We will work with you to determine exactly what your event and venue will need.

With our rental service we provide all our serving pieces free of charge, we ensure that the rentals are returned to the rental agency with the appropriate level of cleaning and packaging, we handle all of the arrangements and paperwork, and we insure you for standard* damage and loss on these rentals.

*Standard damage and loss is typically a few pieces of flatware, glasses and plates. It is not a rack a glasses being knocked over when someone dances into a table, or all the table linens being burned when someone breaks out the sparklers.